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Potty Training Tips for Every Dog and Puppy

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What are we talking about?

Getting a new dog is like having a new kid at home. It is a whole new bundle of joy, but with it also comes a bundle of responsibilities and the travails associated with upbringing.

Potty training is just one of the crucial issues.

We have been in the dog training business that long to know that potty training takes time, patience and the exact information. We also know that dog owners who really care for their pets choose to get the very best nurturing tips. That is why we prefer calling them as dog parents. For the benefit of our dear dog parents, we present this whole new site, dedicated to just potty training and the various aspects of it.

Why is potty training crucial?

A dog that has extensive potty training will not pee or poop inside the house. It will either eliminate outside the house or in the specific place that has been allotted to it. Proper potty training can do the trick, however it is important that you and your puppy find the right method for potty training because some potty training methods do more harm than good - to your dog and to your carpets.

Why breed-specific potty training?

Every dog is one of its kind. It has a body and a mind of its own. Just as the temperament of every dog differs, so does the behavior patterns. Most potty training tips are fairly generalized. But we know that every breed needs a customized training process that is unique to it.

A specific approach is always a more successful one. To impart a successful potty training, it is important to understand your dog's thinking pattern. Unless you know what it responds to, you will be at your wit's end trying to train it.

Your dog would love to keep you happy and stay in harmony with you, but most potty training modules end up confusing the poor creature, because they are not custom-made for it.

Potty training problems faced:

  • Many dogs fail to live by their potty training.
  • What could be the reason behind it?
  • Why do some dogs refuse to go out all of a sudden?
  • Why do some of them poop inside when you are not there?

Only an expert can say why. Fall back on us for the answers. We will give you easy-to-follow, breed-specific potty training guidance that is sure to work, gently and effectively.

Potty Training Trivia

The efficacy of potty training depends upon other factors like food, activity and health issues. We will provide you with credible information about all these odds and ends. Potty training is not going to be that bumpy a ride anymore! Navigate through our site to find answers to all your questions.

Wishing your pet a smooth and happy potty training!


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